A Part-Time CFO With Full-Time Impact on Your Business Growth

ChoiceFinance has over 35 years of experience helping small businesses increase profits.

Small Business Financial Consultants Meeting in Westlake, OH
From the technology to the systems, processes and unique constraints, we know small business like the back of our hand!
We help our partners identify the key financial metrics that drive business success – and we make those numbers easy to see and easy to track!
Business Consultants Reviewing Finance KPIs
We help our partners understand their business from a financial perspective, and your personal financial consultant will develop a customized plan to increase profitability.

Our Solution

Identify Key Metrics

A part-time financial consultant from ChoiceFinance will extract the numbers that truly drive your business and make it easy to track and manage them.

Optimize for Profit

No matter what your business model is, our team of experts can find the financial levers that create profitability and help you take more money home.

Regular Check-Ins

Your personal, part-time CFO offers full-day quarterly meetings, monthly strategy sessions, and is available to meet on-site.

World Class Technology

We make it simple to connect QuickBooks to customer data to allow deep, visually attractive reporting that updates minute by minute.

Data Visualization

We settle for nothing less than beautiful, clear reporting of your most important financial metrics so you can understand business health at a glance.

Our National Network

Looking to save on credit card processing costs? Need a line of credit? Business Banking? Let us introduce you to our national professional network!

Add a Part-Time CFO to Your Small Business Team

Financial analysis drives informed business decisions. This is why having access to detailed, data-driven financial reporting and advice underpins successful business operations. ChoiceFinance offers the deep-dive expertise that growing companies need to accelerate the evolution of their business.

Partnering with our financial consultants is like adding a part-time CFO to your team who works to understand your business as well as you do — maybe even better. A deep understanding of your company coupled with over 30 years of industry expertise means we can jumpstart your finances to help drive incredible growth.

What does a part-time controller / CFO do?

A part-time controller from ChoiceFinance can manage many finance-specific processes. This can include preparation and review of financial statements, cash flow analysis, gross margin analysis, and more.
Once your business’s financial operations are managed, your part-time controller provides data-driven growth insights and executive-level advice as if they were your very own, part-time CFO.

How are you different from hiring an accountant?

We are more than an accountant or a part-time financial consultant  — ChoiceFinance is your personal team of financial management professionals.

We offer a lot more than outsourced financial reporting. We work with our partners as if we were a part of their team, providing real-time financial data and continuous support without the burden of hiring a full-time finance department. We don’t just help you streamline operations; we make sure you have the tools and advice to drive growth.

Why do I need a part-time CFO?

Smaller enterprises start out only needing simple financial services provided by a bookkeeper or accountant. However, as your business grows or as you strategize for growth, your financial needs and operations become more complex. ChoiceFinance adds a level of in-depth analysis, advice, and data-driven reporting needed to elevate your small business.

You may be ready for a “part-time CFO” if:

  • You anticipate large levels of growth and need a plan.
  • You don’t feel confident in your financial insights when it comes to mapping your future.
  • You are experiencing growth, but you still face cash flow or management issues.

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