Kevin Herendeen

Kevin Herendeen

Kevin started his career in the mid 1980’s with the public accounting firm of KPMG Peat Marwick in Cleveland, Ohio. With KPMG Kevin became a Certified Public Accountant while working in the audit division where he served over 4 years servicing multiple clients in various service sectors.

In, 1990 Kevin left KPMG to join Victoria Financial Corporation as the Director of Financial Reporting. At Victoria Kevin was responsible for creating and filing all financial reports for the Company including, SEC reporting, shareholder annual reports as well as Insurance reports in all states where Victoria was licensed to do business. It is at Victoria where Kevin started creating financial dashboards to help senior management keep a pulse on the important Key Performance Indicators (“KPI’s”) of the business.

After a successful sale of Victoria, Kevin joined Harris InfoSource, (“Harris”), as Controller in late 1995. After two years of successfully managing the tremendous growth at Harris, Kevin was promoted to his first of many Chief Financial Officer roles. In 2001, Kevin helped to successfully negotiate the sale of Harris to Fortune 500 information industry giant Dun & Bradstreet, (“D&B”). Kevin remained with the business and was subsequently asked to become General Manager of Harris for 2 years. After leading Harris to significant financial success as a wholly owned subsidiary of D&B, Kevin assumed additional roles within D&B such as Vice President of Small Business Credit Sales, a 300+ person $100M+ group as well as Vice President of Business Development of that same group in 2008.

After leaving D&B in 2008, Kevin became the Chief Financial Officer of Life Settlement Insights in Solon Ohio. Kevin helped Life Settlement insights survive the financial crisis that hit in 2008 by raising a round of capital from shareholders which ultimately lead to the successful sale of the assets of LSI to Crump Life Insurance Company.

Kevin’s next move was to join digital marketer Fathom SEO, LLC in early 2010. After starting as Controller, Kevin was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in 2011 and remained in that role through May of 2018. At Fathom, Kevin helped in the successful acquisition of Webbed Marketing of Columbus Ohio, created internal P&L’s and Dashboards that helped identify critical financial trends, masterfully managed cashflow and was nominated 2 times for the Cleveland Crains CFO of the Year Award.

Joe Kneale
Technology Manager

Joe Kneale

Joe’s role is to solve the technological challenges that sometimes pop up when connecting financial systems. His previous experience includes a stop at Hyland Software, were Joe acted as the Director of the 1,200 employee software company’s marketing systems. Previous experience includes technology director level experience at an ad agency.

Joe is also responsible for technology selection and strategy at ChoiceLocal, sister company to ChoiceFinance.

Joe Soltis

Joe Soltis

Joe is a serial-entrepreneur and purpose-driven business leader. Joe has transformed and created companies, and throughout his career, he has brought a constant and tireless emphasis to helping partners find success, helping team members to grow, and helping the community. Joe is the Founder and CEO of ChoiceLocal, a digital marketing firm that serves small and medium-sized businesses and franchise systems. The average client partner of ChoiceLocal gains $15.51 for every $1.00 invested in marketing. ChoiceLocal is one of the fastest growing companies in America and northeast Ohio and boasts an annualized client retention rate of 94% and a net promoter score higher than Google, Apple or Netflix.

Joe Soltis co-founded ChoiceFinance after working with hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses, and he discovered in these businesses a strong need for financial discipline, KPI measurement of business performance as well as employee performance backed with the financial processes, CRM, and technology that drive profitable growth and strong cash positions. ChoiceFinance technology and services integrate directly into what ChoiceLocal does as well as all other marketing investments. This enables ChoiceFinance partners to know exactly what marketing investments are driving profitable growth and what other marketing investments need to be cut or optimized.

Joe and his wife Becky Soltis founded The Benjamin Isaac Foundation, created after the death of their unborn son Ben, late into Becky’s pregnancy. Today The Benjamin Isaac Foundation helps kids from around America and the world who are in physical, emotional or spiritual need.

Prior to co-founding ChoiceLocal, ChoiceFinance and MeetAmerica, Joe worked for 10 years as a top executive at one of the leading digital marketing firms in North America.
Joe is the Founder and CEO of ChoiceLocal Marketing.