Weekly Hiring Forecasting for In-Home Care

In-Home Care is a notoriously tough industry from an HR and admin perspective. Turn-over in the industry is high (even for the best run outfits), recruiting is ultra-competitive, and client hours vary week by week, which creates chaos for schedulers. At ChoiceFinance, we have created a simple weekly process to help the In-Home Care Agencies that we work with forecast their needs in a tumultuous HR environment.

Why Weekly?

While it is true that hiring needs seem to change by the minute, most of the recruiting and onboarding functions that In-Home Care Agencies use are best if they are adjusted no more than weekly. Editing, or opening and closing job posts too frequently on job sites like indeed can trip “spam filters” with indeed and has cost agencies we work with weeks of virtually no new applicants – not an acceptable outcome. We also find that “over-managing” for week-to-week changes creates inefficiencies in job ad spend, and general lost time for the recruiting staff as they find themselves doing re-work and redundant tasks.

What are the Key Metrics?

To build a forecast, the big metrics are: weekly hours scheduled, weekly hours available (from caregivers), average expected hours/week/caregiver, and retention. Getting access to precise numbers through CRM/scheduling software/quickbooks is the best way to ensure that accurate numbers are being used each week to determine hiring need, and that recruiting effort is in alignment with the actual business need itself.

Customizing the Forecast

There are many, many confounding factors that need to be built into a forecast, which is why we hesitate to publish a templated document without consulting with an agency first. Because forecasting hiring needs is such a large, and recurring problem for the agencies we work with, we take the process of creating a forecast for our clients very seriously – we want the data to be right. In order to do that, there is always some customization that has to happen!

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