Why Use ChoiceFinance ?

Considering working with a finance partner but not sure who to work with? This blog post spells out the main reasons businesses exactly like yours work with ChoiceFinance.

Not Another Fractional CFO

ChoiceFinance offers consulting, world-class financial technology, and business coaching in a very simple way to our partners. Unlike other “fractional CFO” offerings, our team is much more than just a sounding board – we bring technology, reporting, and a proven methodology to the table to help set actionable steps to drive measurable results in your business. We also set goals with each of our partners up front, and hold ourselves accountable to hitting those goals.

More Economical than a Controller

Our solutions are a fraction of the all-in cost of hiring a full-time controller. Our team members are also seasoned, bringing with them the experience necessary to make impact in your business – experience you don’t get with an entry-level hire.

Are we Right for You?

What Are Your Goals? are you trying to increase profitability? Do you want better forecasting and deeper business insight? Would you like to save time and energy on accounting functions and focus on the core of your business?

Most business owners we talk to want all of the above – and that’s where ChoiceFinance comes in! To learn more about how we can help you, request a custom profit plan.