Business Review and Financial Optimization

Financial analysis drives informed business decisions. This is why having access to detailed, data-driven financial reporting and advice underpins successful business operations. ChoiceFinance offers a proven plan to maximize profits, optimize cash flow and accelerate growth.

Here’s how we do it.

Detailed Business Review

To get started, you need to know exactly where you stand.

It all starts with a detailed review of the balance sheet, income statement and in-depth business review.

Not sure if your balance sheet is up to date?

Through direct integration with leading business financial software like QuickBooks, ChoiceFinance can help gather this historical information and perform a detailed analysis for you.

Detailed Framework

The best financial projections come from detailed financial data. It should consider not only the income statement but the balance sheet as well. Many small business owners essentially ignore their balance sheet, we provide insight into it and help to strengthen it over time.

If your past business planning has fallen short, more than likely it is a result of using incomplete or inaccurate data. ChoiceFinance works with you to capture the critical data in your business and make sure that your financials are accurate and up to date. We will work with current and accurate data to provide you with the most useful and accurate financial analysis.

All-in-One Integration

To get the best financial insights, you need to have the most complete data. That means tracking all your business transactions — from both your business credit card accounts and your business checking accounts.

To help you get started, a dedicated consultant from ChoiceFinance will help you link all your business account data to QuickBooks. This way, we can generate the most accurate reporting and provide informed insights to optimize your financial operations.

Analyzing Gross Margins, Products and Services

Are you making money on your products and services?

Over time, it can become difficult to track if your service offerings are actually growing your cash reserves. Once ChoiceFinance has access to in-depth data, we can answer this question for you and map out specific sales goals and pricing recommendations to generate the revenue you need.

It’s not enough to have detailed data. We actually use this data to create custom, measurable goals that make sense for your unique business.

Cash Flow and Profit Projections

With a detailed business review complete, ChoiceFinance can map out accurate projections for your cash flow and profit.

What does this mean?

You’re never flying blind. When you follow our proven optimization recommendations, you can watch as your cash flow and profits meet planned-out goals over time.