Focus on your strategy by choosing a part-time CFO from ChoiceFinance

At ChoiceFinance, we know many clients struggle to balance the day-to-day operations of their business with the need to have a larger strategic plan in place. It’s easy for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even larger teams with a secure client base to get caught up in operational and administrative concerns. Sacrificing strategy to your daily business needs won’t help you grow, and it won’t earn your team a more secure future.

With a part-time controller from ChoiceFinance, you’ll have access to local expertise that’s customized for your unique needs and goals for your Lorain business. A part-time CFO can give you help with your general ledger, cost accounting, budgeting, business strategy, and more, while giving you and your team more time to dedicate to your daily business concerns. When you work with ChoiceFinance, you’ll also have an experienced financial consultant who understands the local economy, changing consumer needs, and other factors that impact your business today and over time.

A part-time CFO can:

  • Review daily accounting transactions
  • Provide year-end accounting help
  • Provide input into your strategy
  • Manage auditing processes and coordinate with external auditors
  • Help you set budgets and establish short and long-term financial goals
  • Provide you with an additional experienced resource for your team
  • Mentor your finance team
  • And more.

If you’re overwhelmed with the stressors of your daily operations, let a part-time CFO handle some of the tasks that remain important to the long-term success of your business.

At ChoiceFinance, we believe that local help, and expert help, can make the difference between businesses with a strong future and potential growth, and businesses that struggle to attract clients and meet sales goals. Call today to learn more about our broad financial services and how we can help your unique business needs.