What is a part-time controller?

A controller is just what it sounds like — someone who can help you get control of your finances. Controllers give businesses financial road maps to turn goals into reality. Even if your finances are healthy, bringing in a controller to help streamline your financial operations can accelerate the growth and profits of a smaller enterprise.

But that’s not all.

Money is the one area businesses don’t want to mess up on! Even if you have a great brand and a great product, growth is grounded in strong financials. That’s why it’s so important to bring in an experienced controller who has been there and done it.

A part-time controller from ChoiceFinance can work with your Rocky River business to help you get control of your finances. They can also equip you with the tools and resources that you need as a business owner to get better.

Why hire a part-time controller?

Experience. Whether you’re bringing them in to reach a specific financial goal or to help with a project, part-time controllers are bringing your organization years of experience. They’ve worked with multiple businesses, and they bring all of that experience to you. If you’re running into the same wall over and over again, a part-time controller will know how to get past it.

Affordability. A part-time controller from ChoiceFinance brings years of experience at a more accessible price.

Specific Focus. Many small businesses can’t afford a full-time controller. And that is ok, a part-time controllers can be brought in to focus on accomplishing specific goals or help create a path to achieve your long term goals!

Growth. Even though your focus is on other parts of the business during this time, the controller is still working with you so that when the contract is over, you are in a stronger financial position and can feel comfortable taking over.

Whether you’re bringing us in to accomplish a long-term goal or to work with you on a specific project, ChoiceFinance’s part-time controllers have the tools to help!