Financial Services Consulting

Learn more about how our financial services and business consulting can help your small business attain maximum growth

Our Approach

Based out of Northeast Ohio, ChoiceFinance offers financial services consulting to businesses in Westlake, OH; Aurora, OH and throughout the US.

In order to increase profit, allow for better financial forecasting, and help our partners save time, we follow a disciplined and proven methodology that focuses on both operational excellence and business strategy.

Operational Excellence

Our financial services equip you with fast insights to help you focus on what matters — building relationships and growing your vision. In partnership with businesses in Westlake, OH and surrounding areas, ChoiceFianance simplifies, streamlines and optimizes your operations to ensure operational excellence.

Our financial services consulting includes:

  • Expense Tracking
  • Optimize & Maintain Quickbooks
  • P&L by Service, Product, Team & Client
  • Optimize Billing & Collection
  • Audit Merchant & Admin Fees
  • Help Negotiate Lower Rates
  • Optimize Payroll & Line of Credit
  • Custom Key Performance Indicators (Financial KPIs)
  • Real-Time Financial Dashboards
Financial Services Consulting Optimization Doodles in Westlake, OH

Business Strategy

Once the foundation is in place, ChoiceFinance provides deep business insights, which lead to action steps that can drive the strategy of the business forward.

  • Dashboard & Detailed Reporting
  • Executive Summary
  • Monthly Action Steps
  • Develop & Measure KPI Targets
  • Revenue Tracking By Lead Source
  • True Return on Investment Reporting