Business Financial Planning with ChoiceFinance

Map out your business growth with insights provided by in-depth analysis from ChoiceFinance

Financial planning with ChoiceFinance helps you chart a focused action plan to maximize your cash flow and profits. Each tailored financial plan takes into consideration all your business activities and future plans. We help craft business plans using real data not wishful thinking.

Cash Flow Insights

Accurate cash flow projections are critical to any business but are the lifeblood to a small business. When it comes time to create or adjust a budget, understanding precisely how much money you have on hand and how long it will last is critical for business planning.

By employing a time-tested method of cash flow analysis, ChoiceFinance provides the most accurate cash flow projections designed to keep your business on track for growth.

Our projections are informed by actual data. So, if you experience a drastic change in income or expenditures, your projections will be updated to most accurately reflect future results.

Detailed Framework

The best financial projections come from detailed financial data. It should consider not only the income statement but the balance sheet as well. Many small business owners essentially ignore their balance sheet, we provide insight into it and help to strengthen it over time.

If your past business planning has fallen short, more than likely it is a result of using incomplete or inaccurate data. ChoiceFinance works with you to capture the critical data in your business and make sure that your financials are accurate and up to date. We will work with the current and accurate data to provide you with the most useful and accurate financial analysis.

Clear Objectives

Your business plans should always have a goal — a financial finish line that represents what success means for your organization.

At ChoiceFinance, we help your business identify key goalposts for your financial future, driven by a core objective — maximize your profits.

When you work with ChoiceFinance to develop a better business plan, we equip you with the tools needed to gather financial data, map out your goals and objectives and actively guide you to successful outcomes.