The ChoiceFinance Financial Dashboard

Understand your financial data with dynamic, visual reporting.

ChoiceFinance Financial Dashboard visualizes your business data in a simple and engaging way. When you understand your financials, you can make informed business decisions that elevate your operations and spur growth. With the Financial Dashboard, we make it possible to easily track, interpret and optimize your company’s financial activity.

Tailored KPIs and Detailed Insight

Every business has a unique set of financial levers that drive growth. ChoiceFinance analyzes your business data to identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and sets custom targets, so you understand your financial performance. With a quick glance at your dashboard, you can gauge the health of your business in terms of Profitability, Liquidity, Cash Flow and Growth.

On-Demand Reporting

Cash is king, but do you know when your business is growing its reserves? What are your growth projections for your company’s future? Do you understand what’s creating positive or negative cashflow?

With just a click, you can have access to many useful reporting tools or we can create customized reporting for you. Reporting is based on real-time information from your QuickBooks activity. and with help from a personal CFO, ChoiceFinance will identify and explain your reporting so you can take actions.

QuickBooks Integration

Over 30 million smaller enterprises use a version of QuickBooks to manage their financial data*, so we leverage a direct integration with QuickBooks and other financial databases to deliver financial insights in real time. However, it’s not enough to visualize your data in a pretty dashboard.

ChoiceFinance will provide you a personal CFO to help you organize and understand your data and turn that data in critical action steps that have a real impact on your growth.

Track Trends and Focus Your Finances

Business happens in real time, and your reporting should too. Your dashboard will track your financial performance and compare it against your tailored business goals that we can help you create. Setting accurate, realistic goals and providing real-time access to your business results will keep you focused on running your business with the data that you need to be successful.